Other blog posts: When Smoking Affects your relationships! 🤔

When smoking affects your relationships. 🤔Picture! We shared so much together. Then, I became sick and could no longer hang out. I tell you about my condition and it’s side effects. You listen intently and ask me if I need anything? Yes! I need you to stop smoking around me. 

Easy task right? Wrong! Chronic smokers have a hard time kicking the habit. Their disease of chain smoking affects everyone around them. Smoking is an expensive habit. You wash frequently. Non smokers don’t come over, the house, spouse, kids and dogs smell of smoke. 
The horror of it all is: you have asthma and you still smoke! Unfortunately, we stay away from people like this to preserve our lungs and children. At least that’s my stand. My parents were smokers. I’m a non smoker and my husband doesn’t smoke. My older brother and his wife smoke. Their home reeks of it. 

I no longer go by their home because of it. I have a lung condition and an autistic child. So, I put our health first. My sister in law has asthma but continues to smoke. I do not understand it. She is addicted, plan and simple. I don’t have an answer for this one. I just pray she doesn’t have a massive asmatic episode. 


  1. Never judge a smoker!
  2. Be respectful if your health, etc, prevents you from socializing with your smoker friend. 
  3. Be genuine in your communication. 
  4. Remember that smokers a human as well.
  5. Smokers have a disease they cannot kick as easily. 
  6. Each smoker copes differently. 

Remember! Practice makes perfect. 
Lioness Stargazer 😎

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