Lambchop chronicles: walmart, Target basket & fits 


Target has baskets for kids with disabilities. So Lambchop and I go to our normal place #Target and one of the baskets I get him in is broken. How and why, are these baskets, which haven’t been out for a year are broken? You would have to jump on them for it to be broken the way it was. I told one of the ladies and found another one. We can’t have anything!
I was the most disciplined@ Target today. Lambchop almost had a fit cause I didn’t get all of the usual snack suspects! But his eyes are bigger than his belly. He’s my co pilot & we’re teaching him patience💙💙😎😎🏌

Last night: 6/22: 

True story: pharmacy doesn’t use my insurance thats on file & had me paying full price for meds. Last night, we go to get meds and the pharmacy ask me, cash? me: thinking odd! Why cash? 

Pharmacy: u dont have insurance!
Me: yes I do 

Pharmacy: it’s not here. 

Me: y’all erased it cause I keep insurance.

Pharmacy: looking……

Me: i am assuming u will reimburse me for the money I was over charged?!

Pharmacy: yes Mrs Crowley.

Me: high five God! Extra $60 I didnt have. 

Moral: check the pharmacy, cause they sleeping on us.


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