Autism meltdown at Costco yesterday! 

Lambchop Chronicles: 

Meltdown @ Costco

Carried out store

Nap in truck


Went to bed before 9pm

💙restart tomorrow💙

Thank God for the costco employees who helped out today⚜ walked the basket to my truck and helped load everything in while I calmed Lambchop down. I couldn’t even figure out why he had a meltdown. New store, maybe? But we will go back and practice there. My job as a special education teacher is never over. #motheringthroughautism
Then……Of course I’m up insomnia, but I hate I’m ironing clothes for Lambchop and packing his snacks for today and realized after his meltdown at costco yesterday, I forgot my holy trinity: laundry detergent, trash bags, water. A home can’t run without these items. Back to store I go but solo this time, it’ll be quicker & I won’t forget what I need. 


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