Autism meltdown at Costco yesterday! 

Lambchop Chronicles:  Meltdown @ Costco Carried out store Nap in truck Bathtime Went to bed before 9pm 💙restart tomorrow💙 Thank God for the costco employees who helped out today⚜ walked the basket to my truck and helped load everything in while I calmed Lambchop down. I couldn’t even figure out why he had a meltdown….

62 years later Mississippi continues to get it wrong

Here we go again😒😒😒 Is Mississippi CURSED? It is almost as if Mississippi is cursed! Think about it! They have fought tooth and nail to keep the flag, discrimination laws and education decline levels! So the court, once again mist step in and stop Mississippi from practicing, YET AGAIN ILLEGAL EDUCATION PRACTICES!  Read article 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽Mississippi…