Growing up in an abusive household, Prince resonated with me. He and I shared a bond. We were both abused souls trying to make a life for ourselves. He had music to depend on; as did I. 

Purple Rain is a classic album about triumph, redemption and acceptance. Shelia E, a Prince protégé, was my first female musical influence. Shelia E was the reason I played drums in elementary – high school. All Prince’s influence. He made you wanna feel loved, do better and most of all, win. 

When your in love, Prince is the musician you played when you wanted your crush to know what you actually felt about them. A young girl in love and going through life, is when Prince left thr best impression. I had to sneak and watch Purple Rain, but the experience left me in love forever! I have and will cry for the days to come because those memories never leave you. 

God Rest his Purple Soul, 

Prince Rogers Nelson

June 7, 1958-April 21, 2016



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