Game of Thrones Review

Jon’s blood has the head and shape of a dragon Ghost has seen the killing The traitors of the nights watch admits their actions Mel actually looks sad for the first time, can’t believe hes dead due to her vision of him fighting at Winterfell (sip) Thone tries to justify the action of murder.  Will…

When the streets raise men

Watching this interview, with Rapper Birdman, a rapper from New Orleans. It reminds me that there are some men who are raised with parents and then, other men are raised by the hard life of the streets of their city.  New Orleans is a tale of two cities in one. 


Growing up in an abusive household, Prince resonated with me. He and I shared a bond. We were both abused souls trying to make a life for ourselves. He had music to depend on; as did I.  Purple Rain is a classic album about triumph, redemption and acceptance. Shelia E, a Prince protégé, was my…

When death strikes 

The family cirlces are getting smallers in the last two months, two great aunts have passed away. Last year, I lost an uncle, great aunt and step mother. Knowing that I just had a fight with my own mother saddens me but I must keep my spirit up. I prayed for God to release the…

7 Rules of Makeup Foundation from Essence Magazine

Morning Dolls,  Why are failing our makeup routines? Are we really? Check out this article from Essence Magazine Rules of Makeup & see if you’re guilty.  xoxo,  L… Source: 7 Rules of Makeup Foundation from Essence Magazine

Work injuries suck

Today was a set back. This morning I’m on a heating pad for my back, shoulder & knees. The meds are working finally. However, when ever it rains, my body screams loudly😞  In about two hours, hopefully I feel one inch better. Hopefully 🙏🏼⚜

Post Katrina Restaurants are still missing in New Orleans

Can you believe that it has been 11 years, since Hurricane Katrina and we have just had a grand opening for a big restaurant & Walmart in New Orleans East. New Orleans East is a large Asian and African American subculture of downtown New Orleans. NOE (New Orleans East), is where all of the big…

Mystic Krewe of Femme Fatale meet & greet 2016

Carnival happens all year long, when your a member of a New Orleans Carnival Krewe. Last night was our meet & greet, which was a blast. Beverages were nice and cold; we had a blast!!!⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜